Learning & Development

Discover how Learning and Development Professionals can improve their effectiveness with SuccessStories

Incorporating business storytelling and narrative as part of your learning and development strategy helps people to make changes at deep levels by engaging their imagination and emotions and overcoming resistance. Using ‘story-based’ learning has been shown to deliver positive, long-lasting results in improving performance and gives your leaders, teams and organisation the competitive edge. In particular, stories can:

  •  communicate the vision and purpose of your organisation
  • make values more meaningful and robust
  • be used as a research tool, to lend an insight into the „health‟ of an organization
  • encourage the change process by bypassing conscious resistance
  • make the learning process more effective, engaging and memorable
  • encourage reflective, imaginative and productive thinking
  • play a crucial role in your communications strategy

Our Success Stories

“I just wanted to say again how very much I enjoyed Tuesday’s workshop – I’ve been telling everyone about it and probably boring them to tears! You really are the Guru of storytelling and I’m freshly inspired to find different ways of using your advice to enhance my training‟
Freelance trainer

“I have always used stories to reiterate learning and to try to help the trainees relate and remember better. I now have a much greater understanding of what kind of impact storytelling has; it will certainly help in design and delivery of training challenges”
HR Manager, Finance sector