Performance Coaching

Discover how we can help your Coaches and their coachees to more effectively achieve their business objectives

Any learning or change in behaviour involves conscious and sub-conscious activity – indeed, some researchers suggest that as much as 99% of learning happens at below conscious level. The Success Stories method of coaching developed by Margaret Parkin works on both these levels – using narrative and metaphor encourages „whole brain thinking‟, where there is less resistance and opposition to new ideas.

Our coaching programmes work on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis with senior and middle managers (and we can work face-to-face or over the telephone to suit you) The coaching works on areas such as clarifying and achieving goals, building self esteem and confidence, managing staff more effectively, resolving conflict and improving team performance.

Our Success Stories

 “We first contacted Margaret because we had two highly regarded individuals within the team who had interpersonal conflict; there were major personality clashes between the two. We wanted to help them with those challenges. Margaret‟s coaching helped them to become more aware of how they impacted on others through their behaviour and language. They learnt to be able to read people, broaden their interpersonal skills. The benefits have been significant improvement in terms of interpersonal skills, relationships and confidence. The benefits to the company have been a higher performing individual, more effective, more productive. Margaret has exceptional knowledge and understanding on many levels. She uses narrative and metaphor to get the message across in a much more impactful and powerful way, that gives the coachee a way of understanding their own problem and seeing possible solutions.‟
HR Manager, Medical research industry

“Further to my coaching sessions with Margaret I would like to give you some feedback in relation to what I have learnt and how I have developed…I feel that the sessions have developed my confidence in dealings with both my Manager and other team members and also the confidence and tools to develop my own method of managing the team rather than following the methods of my current manager. I have learnt how to deal with certain situations that are not within my control and to realise that I cannot change these but can change my outlook and the way I deal with them i.e. in a calm and professional manner. I have also learnt that both non verbal/ verbal (and even the way I breathe!) can affect both myself and the Team.

I feel that I have benefited a lot from this training and I have also received positive feedback from my Manager and from members of the team….I would definitely recommend this.”
Pensions Manager